Kids these days

Leviticus 10: Problems with authority

One day Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu, being precocious young teens with an aptitude for challenging authority, lit some incense without prior authorization from the Lord. Naturally, the Lord swooped down upon them in a pillar of fire, stripping skin from bone in a nuclear rage. What little remained of them was dumped outside the camp by their cousins.

To Aaron’s remaining sons, Eleazar and Ithamar, Moses warned, “don’t lose your cool about this, or else He’ll kill you too and He’ll be angry with all of us! Stay in this tent, because you’ve been marked by the Lord, and He’ll kill you if you leave. Oh, and if you drink alcohol in the tent you’ll die too.”

Moses returned to the distraught boys later, and once again demonstrated his absent-mindedness. Moses was convinced that he had commanded the boys to eat – rather than burn – their sin offering, although he actually hadn’t. Nevertheless, he was angry with them for failing to follow an order he hadn’t given, but then promptly forgot why he was angry.

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