The Israelites meet their Lord

Leviticus 9: Like a bee to honey

On the eighth day of his ordainment, Aaron called together the Israelites and had them all round up perfectly good calves, goats and lambs for needless slaughter. That day, carcasses piled up outside the tent as hundreds of animals were skinned, bled dry, hacked into pieces, and tossed on the fire for offerings, as per the Lord’s instruction. The tent was stained a deep crimson from all the blood being splashed around the sides.

Aaron blessed the people for their offerings, and he and Moses retreated to the Tent of Meeting. The day’s activities were not all for waste, however, as the pleasing aroma of hundreds of pounds of burning meat attracted the Lord, and He barrelled out of the tent in a giant flame to consume the delicious meat.

After all this time in the desert, the Israelites had finally met their God, and they shouted with joy and fell to their knees.

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