The building of the Tabernacle

Exodus 35-40: Putting it all together

Moses called all the Hebrews together for a general meeting and reminded them of the Fifth Commandment: “For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day shall be your holy day, a day of Sabbath rest to the Lord,” he told them, “Anyone – mark my words: anyone …Continue reading The building of the Tabernacle

Holy Interior Design

Exodus 25-28: Moses gets micromanaged

The Lord gave Moses a long grocery list of items he was to collect from the Israelites as offerings, including precious metals, fine linens, spices and incense. “Make a sanctuary exactly in the way I’m about to explain to you,” the Lord told Moses.

“First,” God began, “an Ark. I want it made …Continue reading Holy Interior Design

The Flood

Genesis 6-8: The Origin of Species

As the human population inevitably ballooned, God increasingly realized he was rather unhappy with his human creations and decided to destroy them all. He also decided that while he was at it, he would exterminate all the other animals on the planet. However, God took a liking to Noah and his …Continue reading The Flood