The Twelve Tribes of Israel

Genesis 48-49: Jacob’s Death

Joseph and his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, came to visit the ailing Israel. Israel repeated the Abrahamic covenant God had said so many times before, and then for some unknown reason, asserted Manasseh and Ephraim to be his own sons, then reminisced about Rachel, who had died giving birth to Joseph’s brother …Continue reading The Twelve Tribes of Israel

Joseph VII

Genesis 44-45: Ta da!

The next morning, Joseph commanded that the brother’s sacks be filled with food, their money be returned, and that an expensive silver cup be stuffed into Benjamin’s sack. The brothers were sent home. Then, feeling particularly malevolent, Joseph commanded his servant to catch up with them and find out who had “stolen” his …Continue reading Joseph VII

Joseph VI

Genesis 43: A Feast

The famine in Canaan persisted, and when all the corn had been eaten up, Jacob again sent his sons to Egypt to buy some food. “Not unless you send Benjamin with us,” said Judah, one of Joseph’s brothers, “The corn guy said we couldn’t return there unless we’d brought our younger brother.”
“Well why’d …Continue reading Joseph VI

Joseph V

Genesis 42: Spies!

When Jacob heard that there was corn in Egypt while the rest of Canaan suffered a famine, he said to his sons, “What are you doing just standing around picking your noses? Get down to Egypt and buy us some corn!”, and so Joseph’s brothers (except Benjamin, lest mischief befall him) went to buy …Continue reading Joseph V


Genesis 35: An obstetrical death

After the massacre of Shalem, God told Jacob to flee to Bethel and build an altar there, so Jacob told his family and followers to get into clean clothes, purify themselves, and abandon their pagan gods. The party left towards Bethel, and although the neighbouring Canaanite towns were furious at Jacob for …Continue reading Benjamin