The Israelites meet their Lord

Leviticus 9: Like a bee to honey

On the eighth day of his ordainment, Aaron called together the Israelites and had them all round up perfectly good calves, goats and lambs for needless slaughter. That day, carcasses piled up outside the tent as hundreds of animals were skinned, bled dry, hacked into pieces, and tossed on the …Continue reading The Israelites meet their Lord

How to Consecrate a Priest

Exodus 29:Your 16-step guide to successful consecration!

According to the Word of Lord, this is a step-by-step guide for consecrating a priest so that he may serve Him.

Make some unleavened bread, cakes and wafers and put them in a basket. Save for later.
Bathe the man to be consecrated and dress him in the holy costume.
Bring a young …Continue reading How to Consecrate a Priest

Written in Stone

Exodus 24: Moses puts it in writing

After God had listed off all His various rules and commandments, Moses went back to the people of Israel and wrote all the words down somewhere. The next morning, he got up early and built an altar with twelve pillars (cleverly representing the twelve tribes of Israel) at the base …Continue reading Written in Stone


Exodus 12: Dinner, infanticide, and a little bit of exodus

“Now hear this!” boomed the Lord to Moses and Aaron, who would later relay the information to the rest of the Hebrews. “On the tenth day of this month, everyone is to grab a lamb. Now there’s some important rules I want to clarify: First: if your …Continue reading Passover