The Task

Exodus 3-4: “I am that I am and that is that.”

While tending to his flock one day, Moses stopped at the ‘mountain of God’, when suddenly a nearby bush spontaneously burst into flames. Mesmerized by the soft, warm glow, Moses realized that the flames were actually speaking to him! “Moses, Moses,” the voice called, “Take off …Continue reading The Task

The Slaughter of Shalem

Genesis 34: Unfair advantage

One day, Dinah, one of Jacob’s daughters was spotted by Shechem, the prince of Shalem, where Jacob and family had settled. They slept together, and in the following pillow-talk, Shechem decided he was in love. Shechem said to his father, Hamor, “Get me this damsel to wife!” because he wanted to marry her.

Hamor …Continue reading The Slaughter of Shalem

The Foreskin Covenant

Genesis 17: Why we cut our penises

When Abram was 99 years old, God showed up again and made yet another covenant with him. “You will be the father of many nations. Your descendants will be great people – kings even! All I ask from you (and your descendants) is that you slice off the tip of …Continue reading The Foreskin Covenant