Sodom and Gomorrah – Incestuous Epilogue

Genesis 19 Epilogue: “I swear I was sleeping!”

As it turns out, Lot had opted to flee to the mountains instead of Zoar, presumably not entirely confident that the Lord would remember not to destroy the town. He lived in a cave with his two daughters, who were apparently quite unfazed by his earlier attempt to offer …Continue reading Sodom and Gomorrah – Incestuous Epilogue

Sodom and Gomorrah ” Part 2

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Genesis 19: “Rape my daughters instead!”

Now, you may remember that Lot was living in Sodom. Indeed, he had been forced to take up residence there after the land he shared with Abraham could no longer sustain his herds, on account of the extra cattle Abraham had swindled from Pharaoh by pimping Sarah.

One night, …Continue reading Sodom and Gomorrah ” Part 2

Noah’s Family

Genesis 9-11: The world’s first alcoholic

With the world back to normal, God gave Noah some instructions to start anew:

Be fruitful and multiply
You may terrorize every animal on earth, or do anything else to them you see fit.
Feel free to eat any moving things, oh, and plants too.
Only eat your meat well-done – nothing bloody.
Don’t forget who’s …Continue reading Noah’s Family