The Death Penalty

Exodus 31: “I’m no judge, but isn’t that a bit harsh? Maybe just a teensy-weensy bit?”

The Lord Almighty realized that his frail human followers might not be able to live up to his expectations. Between all metallurgy, woodwork, and engineering needed to build all the altars, golden rings, lamps, and so on, there was a lot …Continue reading The Death Penalty

The ‘Other’ Commandments II

Exodus 22-23: Even more rules

Continuing from the previous chapter’s set of moral guidelines, these additional rules remain a crucial pillar of our entire legal system. While all of God’s Laws are undoubtedly important, highlighted here are the most significant:

If you kill a thief while he’s breaking in during the night, you’re not guilty of anything. But …Continue reading The ‘Other’ Commandments II

A Test of Faith

Genesis 22: “Just testing!”

God one day appeared to Abraham and boomed “I REQUIRE BLOOD,” and told him to drag his beloved son Isaac up a mountain and make a burnt offering of him. So the next morning – of course – Abraham got right to it: he “saddled his ass”, then put a saddle on his …Continue reading A Test of Faith

Sodom and Gomorrah ” Part 1

Genesis 18-19: A brief debate on the ethics of genocide

God appeared to Abraham again – this time bringing three of his buddies, whom he neglected to introduce. “Oh dear Lord, can I get you some water, maybe a bite to eat?” Abraham grovelled.
“Yeah, that sounds good,” replied the men, apparently misunderstanding the question as being directed …Continue reading Sodom and Gomorrah ” Part 1