Postpartum Care

Leviticus 12: Post-birth tips for moms!

The Lord, whose wisdom surpassed any medical advice at the time (and arguably – being the infallible word of God – remains superior to any modern medicine developed since), gives the following handy hints for women who have just given birth:

It’s a Boy! Congratulations – you are only ceremonially unclean for …Continue reading Postpartum Care

The building of the Tabernacle

Exodus 35-40: Putting it all together

Moses called all the Hebrews together for a general meeting and reminded them of the Fifth Commandment: “For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day shall be your holy day, a day of Sabbath rest to the Lord,” he told them, “Anyone – mark my words: anyone …Continue reading The building of the Tabernacle

The Death Penalty

Exodus 31: “I’m no judge, but isn’t that a bit harsh? Maybe just a teensy-weensy bit?”

The Lord Almighty realized that his frail human followers might not be able to live up to his expectations. Between all metallurgy, woodwork, and engineering needed to build all the altars, golden rings, lamps, and so on, there was a lot …Continue reading The Death Penalty

The Holy™ Product Line

Exodus 30: This chapter is brought to you by Holy™

Pleased with Moses’ undying enthusiasm to hear more and more rules, the Lord spouted off more commands about altar sizes, golden rings and incense burnings. Then he moved on to more pressing issues:

“Take a census of the Children of Israel,” the Lord said, “and everyone over the …Continue reading The Holy™ Product Line

How to Consecrate a Priest

Exodus 29:Your 16-step guide to successful consecration!

According to the Word of Lord, this is a step-by-step guide for consecrating a priest so that he may serve Him.

Make some unleavened bread, cakes and wafers and put them in a basket. Save for later.
Bathe the man to be consecrated and dress him in the holy costume.
Bring a young …Continue reading How to Consecrate a Priest

Holy Interior Design

Exodus 25-28: Moses gets micromanaged

The Lord gave Moses a long grocery list of items he was to collect from the Israelites as offerings, including precious metals, fine linens, spices and incense. “Make a sanctuary exactly in the way I’m about to explain to you,” the Lord told Moses.

“First,” God began, “an Ark. I want it made …Continue reading Holy Interior Design

The ‘Other’ Commandments II

Exodus 22-23: Even more rules

Continuing from the previous chapter’s set of moral guidelines, these additional rules remain a crucial pillar of our entire legal system. While all of God’s Laws are undoubtedly important, highlighted here are the most significant:

If you kill a thief while he’s breaking in during the night, you’re not guilty of anything. But …Continue reading The ‘Other’ Commandments II

The ‘Other’ Commandments I

Exodus 21: More rules

As it turns out, God wasn’t quite done after listing off the Ten Commandments. Here are some of the other important rules he gave us that continue to act as the underlying moral foundations of society as we know it. For brevity’s sake, only the most relevant are listed here:

If you buy a …Continue reading The ‘Other’ Commandments I

The Ten Commandments

Exodus 20: Finally, some moral guidance!

Fire, lightning, and thunder were continuing to boom all around Mount Sinai, and up on the summit, Moses and Aaron were receiving some moral guidance from the Lord. “I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of Egypt, and here are the rules you must follow,” said the …Continue reading The Ten Commandments

God appears on Mount Sinai

Exodus 19: Prepare to meet thy God

Some three months after leaving Egypt, the Israelites found themselves in the middle of the Sinai desert. God, talking through a mountain, more or less reiterated what he’d said so many times before: the Israelites are the Lord’s Chosen People and will be a great nation – so long as …Continue reading God appears on Mount Sinai