Death of a Prince

Genesis 50: It’s coming – sooner or later

When Israel had breathed his last, Joseph fell upon him and wept. Then collecting himself, he ordered his father to be embalmed, which took forty days to complete. Accompanied by his family and the Pharaoh’s servants, Joseph took his father’s body for burial to the cave in Canaan where …Continue reading Death of a Prince

Esau and Jacob II

Genesis 26-27: Esau falls for it again

During another famine, Isaac waited out in Gerar, and like his father before him, passed off his wife Rebekah as his sister out of fear for his own life. King Abimelech, however, was no fool and having fallen for this very trick before, said to Isaac, “What are you trying …Continue reading Esau and Jacob II

Esau and Jacob

Genesis 25: The jerk brother

The Lord, taking on the role of an obstetrician, appeared to the now-pregnant Rebekah and prophesised that she would have twins, and that one would be stronger than the other, and that the elder would be subservient to the younger. Sure enough, Isaac and Rebekah were blessed with two baby boys.

Esau was …Continue reading Esau and Jacob


Genesis 23-24: Isaac gets a wife

At the age of 127, Sarah passed away, and Abraham, now an old man himself called his eldest servant over. “Put your hand under my thigh,” said Abraham, “and listen up. Go grab a woman to be Isaac’s wife. But don’t get a Canaanite one; grab one of my relatives from …Continue reading Rebekah

A Test of Faith

Genesis 22: “Just testing!”

God one day appeared to Abraham and boomed “I REQUIRE BLOOD,” and told him to drag his beloved son Isaac up a mountain and make a burnt offering of him. So the next morning – of course – Abraham got right to it: he “saddled his ass”, then put a saddle on his …Continue reading A Test of Faith