Water from the Rock

Exodus 17: More desert hardships

The Israelites had been bumbling around in the desert for quite some time, and now realizing they had no water to drink, looked to their leader for guidance. “Please! Give us some water or we’ll all die of thirst!” they cried to Moses, and once again, they wondered if maybe they’d have …Continue reading Water from the Rock

Life in the Desert

Exodus 16: “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all…”

Now having been wandering around the desert for over two months, the congregation of the Children of Israel were getting restless. “You’ve brought us out here to starve in this lousy desert! At least in Egypt we had some food!”
“Hey, hey, watch it!” said Moses, “Your …Continue reading Life in the Desert

The No-Hit Wonder

Exodus 15: Moses fails to write a song

Now, gazing on the Red Sea and the hundreds of floating Egyptian corpses, Moses broke out into song, which despite his best intentions, never really caught on as a Top 40 Hit. The general gist of it was:
“The Lord has triumphed gloriously! The horse and his rider hath he …Continue reading The No-Hit Wonder

The Parting of the Sea

Exodus 14: Pharaoh’s failed pursuit

While the Israelites were camped out by the sea, back in Egypt, God had once again ‘hardened Pharaoh’s heart’, this time inducing him to chase after Moses and the Israelites with six hundred chariots. When the Israelites looked up from their camp and saw the Egyptian army marching towards them, they cried …Continue reading The Parting of the Sea

The Genie

Exodus 13: God leads the way

Moses turned to the Hebrews, who had just been given permission to leave Egypt, and announced, “Remember way back when, when the Lord promised your fathers and your fathers’ fathers, and their fathers’ fathers’ fathers that he would deliver you to a land flowing with milk and honey? He’s finally coming …Continue reading The Genie

Death of a Prince

Genesis 50: It’s coming – sooner or later

When Israel had breathed his last, Joseph fell upon him and wept. Then collecting himself, he ordered his father to be embalmed, which took forty days to complete. Accompanied by his family and the Pharaoh’s servants, Joseph took his father’s body for burial to the cave in Canaan where …Continue reading Death of a Prince