Water from the Rock

Exodus 17: More desert hardships

The Israelites had been bumbling around in the desert for quite some time, and now realizing they had no water to drink, looked to their leader for guidance. “Please! Give us some water or we’ll all die of thirst!” they cried to Moses, and once again, they wondered if maybe they’d have …Continue reading Water from the Rock

The Parting of the Sea

Exodus 14: Pharaoh’s failed pursuit

While the Israelites were camped out by the sea, back in Egypt, God had once again ‘hardened Pharaoh’s heart’, this time inducing him to chase after Moses and the Israelites with six hundred chariots. When the Israelites looked up from their camp and saw the Egyptian army marching towards them, they cried …Continue reading The Parting of the Sea

The Naive Magicians II

Exodus 9: One step forward, two steps back

For the umpteenth time, the Lord appeared to Moses and said “Go tell the Pharaoh that I say to let the Hebrews go, or there’s going to be trouble.” At this point, the Pharaoh must have surely been wondering why God didn’t just relay the message himself, rather than …Continue reading The Naive Magicians II

The Naive Magicians I

Exodus 8: Abracadabra

The Pharaoh, still unwilling to let the Hebrews leave Egypt, had not been moved by Moses and Aaron’s magic trick turning the Nile into a stinky, blood-filled stream, so when the two brothers went again to ask him to let the Hebrews go, they were met with a flat ‘no’.

Once again, Aaron raised his …Continue reading The Naive Magicians I

The snake contest

Exodus 7: Size does matter

Moses must have been an incredibly absent-minded man, as the Lord had to tell him, once again, that Aaron would be Moses’ spokesperson, that they should go to Egypt to free the Hebrews, that the Pharaoh wouldn’t let them, and that God would smite the Egyptians.

So Moses and Aaron went to the …Continue reading The snake contest

The Task

Exodus 3-4: “I am that I am and that is that.”

While tending to his flock one day, Moses stopped at the ‘mountain of God’, when suddenly a nearby bush spontaneously burst into flames. Mesmerized by the soft, warm glow, Moses realized that the flames were actually speaking to him! “Moses, Moses,” the voice called, “Take off …Continue reading The Task