Dermatology 101

Leviticus 13-14: Tips for Smoother Skin

Continuing in his dispensation of infallible medical advice, the Lord provided the following guidelines for dealing with leprosy and various other skin diseases. For convenience, these have been laid out in a Mayo Clinic-esque fashion. Of course, only a licensed professional can give proper medical advice, so be sure to consult …Continue reading Dermatology 101

Postpartum Care

Leviticus 12: Post-birth tips for moms!

The Lord, whose wisdom surpassed any medical advice at the time (and arguably – being the infallible word of God – remains superior to any modern medicine developed since), gives the following handy hints for women who have just given birth:

It’s a Boy! Congratulations – you are only ceremonially unclean for …Continue reading Postpartum Care