Noah’s Family

Genesis 9-11: The world’s first alcoholic

With the world back to normal, God gave Noah some instructions to start anew:

Be fruitful and multiply
You may terrorize every animal on earth, or do anything else to them you see fit.
Feel free to eat any moving things, oh, and plants too.
Only eat your meat well-done – nothing bloody.
Don’t forget who’s …Continue reading Noah’s Family

The Flood

Genesis 6-8: The Origin of Species

As the human population inevitably ballooned, God increasingly realized he was rather unhappy with his human creations and decided to destroy them all. He also decided that while he was at it, he would exterminate all the other animals on the planet. However, God took a liking to Noah and his …Continue reading The Flood

Incestuous Beginnings

Genesis 5: An unnecessarily detailed family tree

Firstly, there is an apparently important detail that the author failed to include in the first account of Adam and Eve: God made man look like him.

Secondly, there is a long list of unimportant family relationships in this chapter, in which all daughters’ details are omitted (you can skip this …Continue reading Incestuous Beginnings