The Parting of the Sea

Exodus 14: Pharaoh’s failed pursuit

While the Israelites were camped out by the sea, back in Egypt, God had once again ‘hardened Pharaoh’s heart’, this time inducing him to chase after Moses and the Israelites with six hundred chariots. When the Israelites looked up from their camp and saw the Egyptian army marching towards them, they cried …Continue reading The Parting of the Sea

The Naive Magicians III

Exodus 10: Pharaoh’s had enough

Moses and Aaron, getting slightly tired of the whole magic show charade, went to the Pharaoh and asked, “How much longer are you going to keep this up? Just let the Hebrews go already, or this time it’ll be locusts.”
“Fine, fine,” sighed the Pharaoh, “Who do you need to take with you?”
“Men, …Continue reading The Naive Magicians III

The Naive Magicians II

Exodus 9: One step forward, two steps back

For the umpteenth time, the Lord appeared to Moses and said “Go tell the Pharaoh that I say to let the Hebrews go, or there’s going to be trouble.” At this point, the Pharaoh must have surely been wondering why God didn’t just relay the message himself, rather than …Continue reading The Naive Magicians II

The Naive Magicians I

Exodus 8: Abracadabra

The Pharaoh, still unwilling to let the Hebrews leave Egypt, had not been moved by Moses and Aaron’s magic trick turning the Nile into a stinky, blood-filled stream, so when the two brothers went again to ask him to let the Hebrews go, they were met with a flat ‘no’.

Once again, Aaron raised his …Continue reading The Naive Magicians I


Exodus 1-2: The basket case

Sometime long after the events of Genesis, and after Israel and sons had passed away, the Israelites (that is, those descending from Jacob/Israel) had grown in population and the king of Egypt decided there were just too many Jews, and they were just too powerful. The Egyptian government enslaved the Jews (or …Continue reading Moses

Israel goes to Egypt

Genesis 46-47: Serfdom begins

Israel (Jacob) and company packed up all they had and headed towards Egypt. Stopping for a rest, Israel offered sacrifices to the God of his father Isaac, who appeared to Israel in a dream. God reiterated the Abrahamic covenant about making a great nation, and the next morning, the group continued on their …Continue reading Israel goes to Egypt

Joseph IV

Genesis 41: Joseph moves up in the world

Some two years after Joseph had been thrown in prison, Pharaoh had a dream that seven fat buffaloes came out of a river followed by seven thin buffaloes, and that the thin buffaloes cannibalized the fat ones. Upon waking, he dozed off again, and had another dream where a …Continue reading Joseph IV

Joseph III

Genesis 40: The self-proclaimed psychic

It came to pass that the Pharaoh’s butler and baker had upset him and were thrown into the very same prison in which Joseph was being kept (or rather, was now working as a warden). One night after disturbing dreams, the men came to Joseph looking forlorn. “Why so sad, inmates?” asked …Continue reading Joseph III

Joseph II

Genesis 39: Hell hath no fury”…

While the aforementioned events we happening, recall that Joseph had been sold as a slave by his brothers to some passing merchants. Now in Egypt, he was purchased by Potiphar, an officer of the Pharaoh. Potiphar soon noticed that Joseph was extremely skilled at being a servant, and deducing that this …Continue reading Joseph II