Genesis 35: An obstetrical death

After the massacre of Shalem, God told Jacob to flee to Bethel and build an altar there, so Jacob told his family and followers to get into clean clothes, purify themselves, and abandon their pagan gods. The party left towards Bethel, and although the neighbouring Canaanite towns were furious at Jacob for …Continue reading Benjamin

The Line

Genesis 31: “My side. Your side.”

Laban soon became wise to Jacob’s ways, and was not pleased to learn that Jacob had been cheating him through selective breeding of his cattle. Jacob called to his two wives and told them, “Ladies, I see your father’s taken a disliking to me. I want you to know – I …Continue reading The Line

Sibling Rivalry

Genesis 30: A shady drug deal

Rachel noticed that Leah had had four sons and she had none, so she threw a jealous tantrum. She stamped her feet and screamed at her husband in the manner of an angst-ridden teenager, “Give me children, or else I die!”
“Don’t blame me – blame God!” replied Jacob, unwittingly giving rise …Continue reading Sibling Rivalry

Jacob’s Wives

Genesis 29: The FIFO policy

Jacob continued on his journey until he stopped at a well to ask for directions. “Do you know where Laban is?” he asked. “Of course! And behold, here comes his hot daughter Rachel! ” replied the shepherds at the well.
“By the way,” mused Jacob, “why don’t you uncover that well there and …Continue reading Jacob’s Wives