Sacrificial Recipes II

Leviticus 2: Bread like Bubbe used to make

In a continuing effort to display His culinary know-how, the Lord relayed even more sacrificial guidelines and pleasing recipes to Moses.

Aromatic Dough

Ingredients: Finest flour available. Olive oil. Incense.

Combine handful of flour and equal parts olive oil and incense. Burn on altar.
Give remainder of flour to priests.

Artisanal Bread

Ingredients: Finest flour …Continue reading Sacrificial Recipes II

Sacrificial Recipes I

Leviticus 1: Three meat recipes fit for a Lord

When we last left the Israelites, they were following the Lord and his Holy Cloudmobile through the desert. One fine day, the Lord parked his cloud over the Tent of Meeting, as He was prone to do, and gave Moses some guidelines for sacrifice, but more importantly, three …Continue reading Sacrificial Recipes I